Be An Epic Stunt Driver

With movies such as the Fast & Furious, and the upcoming Need for Speed adaptation of the popular motoring video game, I see a lot more people becoming enthusiasts in stunt driving. Of course, not all of us can be professional stunt drivers like we see in the movies, but there are some basics that we can learn. Do a Google search for stunt driving schools, and a host of SERPs come up from professionals in the industry. If you’re in for a thrill, then this is one course you really want to take. Besides, who wouldn’t want to feel like a movie star in their own car?

Check out this vid made in California, USA. That’s what the big Hollywood action heroes are about.

Cape Town motorbikes championship 2013

Cape Town might not get a chance to host any of the legs of Formula One, but we at least have some sporting entertainment while we wait for the former to come to our shores. This is in the form of the Cape Superbike Race which concluded this past weekend.

This past weekend, the 2013 Mike Hopkins Motorcycles regional superbike series came down to just two seconds, going into Killarney’s Rose Foundation corner on lap three of the second-last race of the season. A combination of too-high entry speed and a gusting South-Easter caused the vehicle front wheel of one of the contenders to wash out, handing his rival an almost conclusive advantage. We’re just saying if this could happen to professional motor bike drivers in Cape Town the it was a really extreme race.

Right from the start the Cape’s premier motorcycle championship had been a two-horse race. Going into the final round at the weekend, Ronald Slamet on the Mike Hopkins ZX-10R and Aran van Niekerk (DMR ZX-10R) had, between them, won all but one of the season’s 15 races and were separated by just four points with 18 on offer for the day’s two races.

Where South African Cars are Made

Since the vehicle industry strike ended last month, the numbers are revealing of how the strike affected everyone. Many billions of rand has been lost due to the industrial action, at a total output of almost 50 000 new cars that couldn’t be rolled out for our own South African car buyers and some for exports. Here’s an image of where the strike affected us the most, South Africa’s automotive capitals.


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Highlights from Joburg Motor Show

We loved the cars at this year’s Joburg Motor Show so we’ve decided to drop a list for you of some of some of our favourites. But a little about the show – it’s a trade fair that only comes once every two years, and is now in its eighteenth year. The City of Johannesburg prides itself for hosting the most prestigious such event in Africa, one that is up there with the biggest like the Paris Motor Show and the Detroit Auto Show. Not only is it a gathering of car manufacturers and traders, but the show was also open to the public to get a glimpse of what we will be driving later this year and the next, way before these vehicle hit the road.

Infiniti Q50


VW Amarok


Ford Fusion


Renault Clio

Drop in Prices for Pre Owned Cars for Sale and why this Matters

The fun times are back…well, they’ve never really been gone and it’s always great to roll about town and show off the car you just bought. With the recent redesigns in many cars, pre owned cars for sale will certainly be much, much cheaper now. Although price is the main determining factor as to whether or not you will buy the car or not, you do not want to make the mistake of buying a used car that will give you problems. We consulted the guys at IOL Autos and here’ what they had to say about what you should do when you are going to buy the car you’ve been eying.

The drop in prices for pre owned cars for sale is great news for shoppers who are in the market, but there are a few dangers that come with buying used.

1. Electrical problems

Today’s electrical systems in cars are highly complex. This means that when an electrical problem comes up, it can require hours upon hours of work to simply diagnose. Once the problem is pinpointed, replacement components are often pricey to purchase, and even more expensive to install and program. If you notice a stubborn warning light or malfunctioning electrical parts, know that problems can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

2. Poor quality body repair

There are too many shops out there that cut corners or simply aren’t qualified to repair body damage. This will often result in misaligned body panels (inconsistent gaps), mismatched paint and mismatched headlights (one foggy, one clear). If you see shoddy work done to the car’s body, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong underneath, too.

3. High mileage

Over time and mileage, important mechanical parts can wear out and require expensive repair. Cars that have over 100,000 miles will require these repairs much sooner, meaning it is going to cost more to keep on the road. Even high-mileage cars that are advertised as having mostly “freeway miles” will likely have mechanical issues sooner than expected.

4. Rust

If you’re looking at a used car that has been driven in a snow state, make sure to check the edges of the front fenders, the rear wheel wells and door jambs. Rust often starts in these places and can slowly eat away at a car’s metal structure, eventually becoming very expensive to repair.

The following cars are usually the best used cars to consider. Volkswagen Polo Vivo, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Ranger just to name a few.

Cheaper Bandwidth – What it means for car websites in JHB, CPT, DNB

The recent devaluing of the cost of bandwidth in South Africa doesn’t have much to do with cars, but it certainly has a lot with us making more of our buying decisions online. It affects car websites in JHB, CPT, DBN, anywhere in SA. It’s become easier and cheaper to look for a car online and get the exact one you want without having to physically visit many different dealers, which can be something very tiresome. You can also lose track of which dealer offered you the best deal on your potential purchase, but with car websites at your fingertips, all of that is made simpler. That’s just a buying tip that’s worth sharing.

What to do with a pre owned vehicle? Add a flame thrower!

The best use for any pre owned vehicle is to simply drive it and not wreck it. That being said, adding a flame thrower on the back of your car might not be such a bad thing. We’re not alone on this, and the guys at Popular Mechanics have done just that.

It all started out innocently enough with what used to be a 1972 Buick Skylark and has since been transformed into every stunt driver’s dream come true, capable of shooting massive flames in the air (up to 30-feet) while you terrorize the neighbourhood.

The Popular Mechanics crew goes on to demonstrate the ultimate fire-powered muscle car and even offers a walk through of it’s many other features like its surveillance camera system used to look out for cops, a kill switch for smaller ‘safer’ flame shooting mode and of course an external loudspeaker system so, “You can harass people while you’re driving!” This crazy car also comes complete with bleach-dispensing injectors spraying onto the rear tires to ensure optimal burnout sessions, a trigger-mounted smoke screen kit for quick getaways and the aforementioned insane flame thrower exhaust.

Brands Car Dealers and Buyers in South Africa Need to Check-Out

Vehicle sales for the third quarter to September are always a hot topic. With this in mind car dealers in South Africa and anyone looking for a car better take note of what’s happening with international buying trends around the world. The best-selling cars for the month of September have recently been published, as yet we are still waiting for our own country specific figures to be announced but for now here’s what the Chicago Tribune in the USA had to say.


“Chrysler stayed roughly flat as an 8.4% bump in Ram pickup truck sales offset losses from the group’s Jeep and Fiat brands. Ford rose slightly, while Toyota and Nissan saw small losses. Larger losses came at Honda (down 9.9%) and Hyundai-Kia (down 13.9%, mostly due to a 21% plunge at Kia). GM fell 11% from losses at Chevrolet and GMC, including full-size pickup sales. The Chevrolet Cruze plunged 50.6% versus a strong September 2012 as lower inventory played against higher incentives for the compact sedan, which has encountered fierce competition since it hit dealerships three years ago. Other small cars faltered, too: The Honda Civic and Dodge Dart had decent months, but the Ford Focus, Mazda3 and Nissan Sentra saw double-digit losses despite redesigns for the latter two. Toyota Corolla sales stayed flat despite a redesign, too, and the Volkswagen Jetta fell 9.8%.

But don’t let all the doom and gloom conjure up 2008 all over again. The industry had a strong September 2012, and compact cars in particular soared as the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline hung in the $3.80 range. Fast forward to today — where the prospect of military action in Syria has subsided and a relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season has kept oil refineries at unfettered capacity — and gas prices spent most of September in the $3.40s and $3.50s.

Shoppers have cooled on fuel-efficient small cars, but they didn’t exactly flock toward large SUVs and pickups. The updated Dodge Durango saw sales gains, but the Ford Explorer stayed roughly flat and three-row crossovers from GM, Toyota and Honda combined for an 11.6% loss. What’s more, full-size pickups gained just 0.7%. Is the housing rebound plateauing? After months of steady increases, housing starts have plateaued through the summer, census data show.